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Two new cutting edge longevity products that include free club membership to our co-researchers club (as explained in the press release below) and both products include two months supply of Longevity peptide
/span>  capsules. 

It is not possible to buy these products without the club membership as part of the offer.

When you pay the free online membership registration process will be advised to you by email.

The Longevity9™  or SLF9™ capsules will be sent to you as soon as you have registered as a member.

 If we do not hear from you with club membership registration within 5 working days your transaction will be cancelled and your payment refunded.

Please note that the formula  label shown in the video  above is for our other product and and the correct label is shown below.

The ingredients are as follows:-

1 Longevity Peptide sequence AEDG, Epithalo9™ -   5mg
L-Carnosine - 199mg
Niacinamide - 299mg

total capsule contents 503mg

One capsule per day 7 days on 7 days off

30 capsules per bottle

£59.99 per bottle

£99.99 per bottle

Reseller enquiries welcome.


Dietary supplements that enrich cells deficient in important natural nutrients and assist in extending lifespan potential are now a scientific fact of life.

A British company established in 2003 and specialising in longevity research operates a free members club for what it calls "co-researchers" who are interested in following such research. The club allows members to try out cutting edge products for themselves that are available to them at prices far below what the rich and famous have been paying in recent years.

The club, under the name of 21st Century Alternatives, currently has a growing worldwide membership and recently adopted the name of The Longevity Revolution™. In addition to their free members they also have a growing number of dealers and informed practitioners who pay a small registration fee in return for substantial trade discounts on small quantities.

They are now making an important announcement about three new products and services:-

1. A free to view online TV channel  with hundreds of informative videos about the history of longevity research, discoveries and breakthroughs.

2. 2 dietary supplement called SLF™  and Longevity9
 that combines the best longevity ingredients at a breakthrough low cost. 

The formula is based on advanced Russian research going back 40 years into what are becoming known as longevity peptides.

Some of these peptides are now arriving from Russia into Western markets as individual peptide products. They have been sold over the counter in Russia and already used by 15 million people.

In contrast, the British made product SLF™, which stand for Scientific Longevity Formula™, offers a unique combination of the very best ingredients in a single capsule. Longevity9
™ offers a lower cost alternative but still offering well researched longevity ingredients.

3. Apart from overcoming nutritional deficiencies in cells, one of the aims of achieving an extended healthy lifespan from such ingredients is to ncrease the length of telomeres which are components of DNA and the subject of a Nobel prize award in 2009.

Telomeres are now recognised by scientists as an important factor in longevity.

The Longevity Revolution™ now offers worldwide telomere length measurement at home using a low cost DNA saliva testing kit. Inexpensive, simple and effective without the need for a blood test or clinic appointment, the kit simply has to be returned to the laboratory for a report which can be used to identify improvements in telomere lengths when undergoing dietary supplement protocols.


The Longevity Revolution ™

The Longevity Revolution ™ Video

Live to 100 says Russian physician in 2011

Advances in medicine may provide long life for humans According to the Russian physician, Vladimir Khavinson, the key for longevity is to prevent aging by means of biomolecules formed by amino acids. Who has not wanted to reach 100 years of age in a healthy way? What seemed a distant dream some years ago may well be close to becoming reality.

Report from Pravda in English October 2011


Our press release April 16th 2015:-

Real Longevity Science Peptides launched in Britain

40 years of Russian research comes to the West

An established anti-ageing research company formed in 2003 and trading as the Mackenzie Protocol and 21st Century Alternatives has announced that it is dropping the term anti-ageing in favour of the term "Real Longevity Science."

They feel that the term "antiageing" has been given a negative image by the media despite worldwide evidence of scientific advances and knowledge of slowing down ageing naturally wihout drugs at the level of cells, mitochondria, telomeres and DNA.

They are making this change because most of the general public hear nothing about such advances and when they hear the term "antiageing" they are likely to only think, at best, of products such as antiwrinkle face creams and at worst, as scams.

At the same time as changing to the use of the term "Real Longevity Science" they are launching yhree new specialised websites at www.reallongevityscience.com , www.longevitypeptides.com , and www.thelongevityrevolution.com to target the smaller and independent type of researchers, resellers, and practitioners who are interested in formulating their own natural longevity products from high purity competively priced raw powders.

Of particular note for their initial offerings at this website will be what are known as bio-regulator peptides consisting of small chains of amino acids found naturally in the human body but which become deficient with age and thus are offered for the formulation of dietary supplements in the form of capsules or liquid drops to be added to a glass of water.

Three of the first bio-regulator longevity peptides to be offered are epithalamine, TRH peptide, and Humanin S14G.

Epithalon is a tetra-peptide (four amino acid peptide) that has been extensively researched in Russia for at least the last 35 rs.

TRH peptide is a tri-peptide (three amino acids) has been extensively researched for longevity effects for around the same time span in Italy and Switzerland.Most prominent in this field is the work of Dr Walter Pierpaoli.

Humanin S14G is more recent and experimental but there are many scientific research links available on the Internet.

Products formulated from the peptide Epithalon are now being imported by a few Western resellers but, with this new launch, such resellers worldwide can now purchase the raw peptide powder ready made and in stock from Britain at a very competitive price in quantities starting as low as one sample vial of 50mg.

Bio-regulator peptides are widely sold across Russia as over-the-counter dietary supplements. They were originally developed by the former USSR to extend the useful life of their working population as well as to overcome concerns about the increased ageing effects at a cellular level experienced by cosmonauts in outer space.

The company owner Tony Mackenzie states "the mainstream media are only interested in reporting on expensive patentable drugs that Big Pharma may develop in a decade or so and never mention that products produced using real longevity science based on natural unpatentable substances have already been around for some years. Informed people and medical practitioners are now becoming more and more aware of this fact."

He further states "We believe the best way to spread the word is to incentivise the independents by offering high purity and good value with excellent potential profit margins"

The company still offers it's regular supply of well researched longevity products at their other websites to their existing worldwide members and resellers.

Please contact Tony Mackenzie for further information or ordering details.

end of press release